Who are we?

:a new spelling is a platform for centering and supporting queer voices, thoughts, reflections, and art.

Started during the 2020 quarantine and continued as the Minneapolis Black Lives Matter uprising spread across the world, :a new spelling seeks to be a platform that honors queer life, queer people, and queer creation in the form of an online zine. In particular, we wish to emphasize that people of color, especially Black people, are at the center of our work and thinking. We believe in the abolition of police, racial capitalism, patriarchy, and white supremacy in favor of an equitable world where everyone has access to housing, good food, community, education, and joy.


While our work and contributors may not always explicitly discuss these things, as founders we are hoping to center creation, celebration, resistance, and the possibilities of “queer” as a verb--creating non-normative community and kinship between queer people who are seeking to build a better and more just world every day. 

We also ask that you support the work of queer artists by going to our DONATE page, where we give a full breakdown on how we spend your contributions.