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"To be my ally" by Ramses (he/him)

To truly love someone for who they are is not an easy thing

Often times, it means you also need to fight for them

You’ve got to protect them,

Shield them

Safeguard their being.

If I muster the courage to share my story with you

It means I am hoping that you also have the readiness to fight for me

Lift your sword on my behalf with conviction,

Safeguard my being

Because if you really care for me,

Would the natural desire not arise for you to raise your voice to my defense

To advocate for me

To uplift me

To shine a light on my goodness

As it should be when you care for someone, like truly care for someone

The love you hold should bestow you with the courage

To march for them

To vote for them

To shine a light on their goodness

So as I expose my true self to you, I know it’s no small feat

But understand that’s it's because I have faith that you will stand strong

Protect and advocate for me

Shield me and uplift me

Safeguard my being and shine a light of my goodness

Be my knight and wear love’s amour

Be my ally.